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Just think, 100 years from now, that wonderful 60s Christmas music will still be gracing the players of my descendants. at LOL, Okay, I was almost rolling on the floor over your trees. at My family also tries to pick out the homeliest tree in the lot, but we haven’t named them yet. Get your answers by asking now. 100 Unique Christmas Card Sayings and Wishes; 55 Valuable Christmas Quotes for Cards; 65 Extraordinary Funny Christmas Quotes & Sayings; 110 Catchy Holiday Card Sayings & Funny Holiday Sayings 4:01 pm, December 14, 2011 12:13 pm, December 14, 2011 Be sure to comment on all 8 author blogs for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE…. Twitter: JuneAnnM We saved him from being alone on Christmas cuz no one else probably even saw him in that corner.” , Awwww I love your little boy!!! Twitter..Mc_Carver Congratulations on your first home Heather!!!! 5:51 pm, December 14, 2011 at i think the closest my family comes to a Christmas tree tradition is that we put it up the day after Thanksgiving. Goodreads: yes at With the purchase rate of trees dropping 13 points and less people sending cards, bringing in some holiday cheer with a Christmas themed team name will help to create some friendly competition. I love your post! We imagine how the hoity-toity perfect pretty trees probably look down on the misshapen trees and taunt them about being the last trees on the lot. twitter- sorry, no idea how to twitter No doubt there are many more puns to be made, so we’ve gathered together a list of tree-related words to help you come up with your own tree puns. Maybe the weirdest tradition is we always watch The Christmas Story when we decorate our tree. wanda flanagan Watch your step. My boys and I just got our tree a few days ago and we picked the tree that was hidden in the corner, away from view. Christmas themed party names can be funny and creative Christmas party names. Added Night Demon to reading list GR If that's not taken, it's a little parody on the former name, it's accurate, and it's simply easy to remember. 2:07 pm, December 15, 2011 thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway, i love all of your trees. 4.5 out of 5 stars (296) 296 reviews. I like Clara, Angelina or Holly. The first tree they bouth (in 78 I think) is huge, taller than the 2 story house and about 15+ feet wide at the bottom. If you come up with any good ones, please share them in the comments and we’ll add them to our list! at 7:56 pm, December 14, 2011 friend on gooreads and added night demon to to-read list- shadow kohler 11:39 pm, December 13, 2011 That is hilarous! . Every year, I name my Chrismtas tree., Awww what a sweet tradition Teresa!!! fb- shadow kohler at *HUGS* , Poor Ken came into our family after this tradition was already started, so while he likes the perfectly shaped Douglas Fir, he’s kind enough to suffer through our poor little ugly trees…, Secretly I think he notices the way the little trees beam once they’re decorated and doesn’t have the heart to turn them away! Merry Christmas!!!, 6) This won’t get you any entries because Facebook is mean about contests now, but you can find me and like me here anyway if you choose to! My holiday tradition is that my 4 boys who are under 10 decorate the tree each year. 9:41 pm, December 14, 2011 Some of these unusual trees are made with pine, while others are made from whatever was laying around. 11:25 pm, December 13, 2011 LOL I’m glad they made you smile… , Let me start off by saying that each and every one of those tree’s are beautiful in there own way. I get attached to cars (Right now I drive the Resisty) to computers and yes, to Christmas trees! GOODNESS!!! newsletter: books4me67 at ymail dot com, Thanks for checking out our misshapen trees!!! 11:54 am, December 14, 2011 That’s a must. , Thanks for checking out my crooked forest!!! I also didn’t know you could plant a tree after it had been cut. what should I name my christmas tree (a little early :) )? Scroll down to see the best examples!.. Thanks for the opportunity to win and for sharing your trees. Ha! So I just call them all “Tree,” and let it go at that. I have a “tree” hat, my kids wear different elf hats & hubby has a camo hat with light-up antlers on it! Step up your dad joke game this holiday season with these best Christmas puns that will make this the most punderful time of the year. My Dad goes up north by the family cabin and cuts his own Christmas tree, he isn’t looking for the ugliest, but manages to bring it back home just the same. Oh Christmas lunch sounds fun!!! 7:58 pm, December 14, 2011 +2 Blog Subscriber at at 6:15 am, December 14, 2011 Just because Christmas is a holiday filled with traditions doesn’t mean your holiday decorations have to be traditional or boring. Popular children’s movies and shows offer a great opportunity to create a themed tree for your holiday decorating. MY. That’s a great tradition and obviously one you and your family have a lot of fun with. Every year I pick up at least one new ornament. LOL. I don’t name anything — except my Kitchenaid Stand mixer…..I call her my Kitchen Witch. LOL, Our silly Christmas tradition is to wear ridiculous holiday hats on Christmas day. It is full of artwork and paper chains. at LOL. +5 Newsletter Subscriber, I like the open one gift on Christmas Eve tradition… We used to do that when the kids were little to settle them down, but they caught on to I always had them open pajamas! What a fun tradition you have! So which name do you prefer? There’s a lot of fun to be had with sharing a few funny one-liners with good friends and family over a steaming holiday meal. at , Thanks for commenting and showing some love to my cute oddly shaped trees!!! newsletter subscriber 5) Sign up for my newsletter and get +5 entries! Please also leave your email address so I can notify you in case you are a winner! at at Glad you liked our goofy trees! 4:09 pm, December 14, 2011 Teresa Hmm. I thought I’d introduce you to some of our Christmases Past…, Doesn’t he look happy all decorated??? 8:49 pm, December 14, 2011 If you’re on the hunt for a cute Christmas tree, this is it! Funny Tree Meme Picture There's a kind of glory to them when they're all … Friend on GR Twitter as @artdem83 Your trees are a trip! Natalie/Natalia - means 'Christ's birthday'. Facebook..Sherri McCarver Underrated? I made sure my husband knew if he ever wanted to get any for the rest of his life, never to bring home a flocked tree again. All you have to do is show up and comment on each blog to be entered for the grand prize drawing of eight e-books and a $40 Amazon Gift Card! I wish I had room in my back yard to plant a bunch of “ugly” trees. My Dad goes up north by the family cabin and cuts his own Christmas tree, he isn’t looking for the ugliest, but manages to bring it back home just the same. at June M. 9:31 am, December 14, 2011 Funny Tree Meme Omg Fucking Run Tree Run Image For Whatsapp. blog follower at 11:26 pm, December 13, 2011 We love our funky CHristmas trees… . A Christmas tree business grows and sells evergreens for those people who want real Christmas trees in their homes. Any really unpopular opinions? She taped it for me years ago and I still have the tape with the skip on it. More info here…, Two days. +2 Email subscriber Michelle Ken loves that album too!!! #amwriting #amreading #paranormalromance, Sedona Surrender is HERE! Funny Tree Meme Niggas Be Like Ya I Climb Trees Too Picture. And you can even pair these poems with Christmas puns or wonderful Merry Christmas wishes in your cards for loved ones We don’t name our tree, because we have the same artificial one every year, but if we did, I’d have to call it “Cat Bait” since our cat just HAS to attack it lol. God Bless!!! We sure miss him! I like "Green Christmas Tree Farm" personally. My first response was to say NO I have never named a Christmas tree but then I realized that a number of years ago we found a tree that was actually two trees but then had grown together to make a gorgeous and big tree and we called it the DoubleTree and every sense then when we talk about our favorite tree and I say the doubletree everyone knows which one I mean… (it was a pain to get it into a stand let me tell you). I understand tradition but trees are alive too and so I have an artifical one! 3:52 pm, December 21, 2011 I knew you all were fun people. Awww thanks Maggie!!! at Check out our complete list of team names for Christmas. They’re the perfect add to office parties, family game night, and other Christmas traditions. . I am already stalking….um, I mean following you all over, lol! and/or add Night Demon to your to-read list, 5) Sign up for my newsletter and get +5 entries! =). at It will remind you that at one point, you fought for something. Christmas Team Names . Find professional Funny Christmas Tree videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. How cool that your family rescues the sad & ugly trees, lifts their spirits by decking them in lights & then gives them a new home in the backyard. Tree-Related Words. I cheated this year) The tree went up too late. Those were good times. That’s a great tradition Stacie! I don’t know how silly you’ll think it is, but when I moved out on my own, I decided that I was going to have a theme Christmas tree & only bought what I call “critter” ornaments. I was so mad at her, you can’t find them anywhere. Remember how I told you I didn’t get off until around 2:30-3 am and would walk around main street after everyone was gone? Funny Tree Meme Knows He Was Doomed From The Start Picture. Newsletter: yes I think Merry, Winter, Frosty and Noelle are a little too obvious, Jingle sounds a little silly and Clarice has quite a masculine sound to it. THanks for following me everywhere!!! The perfect Christmas tree, all Christmas trees are perfect. Thanks for commenting! lol. LOL Definitely good times… . Oh gracious! Further Reading. at There adorable. +2 Twitter follower acm05 LMBO. LOL Do you cook it, or do you have a local Chinese retaurant that’s open on Christmas Day? at (Michelle Harlan) I think naming your Christmas Tree is a beautiful idea. I love the trees! And we always turn the bald spot out. 11:10 pm, December 14, 2011 This year was a Hallmark “New House” ornament since I am a first time homebuyer! Then I would get them the following year and so forth. It’s known for its flattened, needle … Happy Holidays.—Rachel. Hahaha! 12:30 pm, December 14, 2011 Christmas puns exercise how well you know your words, and just how good you are at weaving them together to come up with an entertaining phrase that changes their meanings entirely. I don’t have any wacky Christmas traditions. goodreads follower And wait until after Christmas when he can join the small forest out back…, It’s a silly tradition, but as years go by, it’s fun to water the crooked confused trees and see how big they are now, and my kids, who are also big now, remember when they chose little Jethro, and the crazy crack baby bush, *ahem* I mean tree… J. Your trees remind me of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, they do have character. I love your crooked trees!!!! at Goodreads: friend & fan, added book to TBR list (June Manning) Of course, you know I follow you eight ways from Sunday! Here is a list my brother and I made of names we like: Angelina (means angel, but is it too Jolie? I even tried going to a ceramics store to see if they could make me some and she knew exactly what I was talking about but the pattern had been discontinued. Tree decorating with cats, O Christmas tree. at The sparkle in children’s eyes of wonder and delight shines brighter than any Christmas lights. If your tree has pink and white ornaments, I think a really feminine sounding name would be best. Happy Holidays Lisa! Blog Subscriber a signed set of Night Walker trading cards!!! Thanks for commenting!!! Each year and he is now 29, we put it in our entryway where all the visitors v=can see it. 5:26 pm, December 14, 2011 6:36 pm, December 14, 2011 That is the BEST, WEIRDEST, most FANTASTIC holiday tradition I’ve heard in a very long time!! Like my mom’s. Also, any suggestions for other Christmas-related names? Which of the following names is your favorite name for each baby boy and baby girl? Christmas Team Names … 2 years ago, she was Eleanor. This or That VOWEL NAMES (boys and girls). Our tree always has pink and white ornaments, and pink ribbons, which is why it's always a girl. . ), Thanks, Lisa! +5 Newsletter, Oh the plaster fish set sounds fabulous!!! ... Cayhuuso 2020 Funny Christmas Ornament Innovative Personlized Christmas Name Ornament 2020 Quarantine Ornament Friends Quarantine Merry Christmas Ornaments Gifts 2020 Quarantined Navidad Decoration. Love this. Oh oh oh I know you already used Belle but what about Ginger Belle/ Ginger-Belle? This blog post had me laughing out loud. at 46 Festive Christmas Team Names. It sure seems like the little ugly tress love it!!! Pros: Classic, strong Christmas tree scent that lasts; doesn’t lose its … I signed up for your Newsletter! Merry Christmas!!! at We'll help you find your true Christmas tree style and show you ways to flaunt your family's personality from skirt to star. Each year, everyone in the family writes a goal for the next year on a slip of paper and puts it inside the ornament, being inspired by the memory of my dad to reach that goal. I bet the little ones love going to your house!!! 9:02 pm, December 14, 2011 And I love how you plant them in the back yard and have so many wonderful Christmas memories associated with each one. Christmas Tree Quotes | Xmas Tree Poems & Funny Jokes Enjoy the happiness of Christmas holiday season with these best Merry Christmas Tree Quotes and Cute Funny Xmas Tree Jokes . It was one of those tacky plaster fish and bubble sets that used to be in bathrooms way back when. OH. Awww I love that your folks have a VW tree!!! They remind me of the toys on the Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph! we have a pretty crowded house here with 3 different families living together for the last few years and we all have our own decorations. Needless to say, that was a heartbreaking Christmas. We have had quite a few funny looking trees. What wonderful traditions, the naming and the planting. Also, I thought a visual description might help you help me a pick a name that is fitting! Everyone just humors me You do good work, my dear, lol , We do pride ourselves on adopting the uglist trees, and I swear they beam once they’re decorated! LOL. (You have such an awesome name! It brings back great memories of when I was a kid. Goodreads..Nikki McCarver Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!! We kids weren’t as fond of this as my parents, so my mom started setting out a crock pot with sloppy joe meat and buns. Do the kids make the table decorations? So, if you are looking for witty and clever team names for your Christmas team, you should continue reading on. I don’t even have a tree up this year. He’s not decorated yet, but he’s already excited to be a Christmas tree, don’t you think? . I really do love you Lisa. Merry Christmas! My folks tree has developed it’s own theme. If you have already decorated your Christmas tree, but haven't found the perfect topper, this list is for you! Oh no!!! 10:00 am, December 14, 2011 The first-rate of all items around any Christmas tree: the presence of a blissful family all wrapped up in every different. 3:29 pm, December 15, 2011 Liked you on FB. And here are Extra Christmas prizes on my Blog: For more chances to win the First Second & Third prizes…. Here is Will’s collection of amusing Christmas trees, both real and artificial. Walking around that way, at that time of the morning made you feel like Santa was really watching over you and you could almost hear the elves working hard in the shop making those toys. We do that with all the kids and their friends on New Years’ Eve every year… SO fun!!! How neat they’re now all in the back yard. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas trees.  and Unique and unusual Christmas tree topper ideas that will fit any holiday theme, including Harry Potter Christmas tree toppers, custom tree toppers, and more. I follow GFC..Nikki Awww we love A Christmas Story too!!! 8:36 pm, December 14, 2011 Thank you for the great giveaway and Happy Holidays!!! Do they make some of the ornaments too??? The best Christmas trees come very close to exceeding nature. See more ideas about christmas tree farm, farm logo, tree farms. 11:24 pm, December 13, 2011 at I am a fan at Goodreads, I follow you via Twitter; I follow via Networked blogs and subscribe to your newsletter! , Thanks so much for following and commenting…. +2 Blog Subscriber Your Christmas trees are too funny. 3:59 pm, December 21, 2011 Hee! at Woot! at I do have to watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol every year. 25 Tree Puns That Are So Funny You Wood Not Believe It By Molly Burford Updated October 17, 2018. I have a couple living trees planted in the yard, but every time I plant one, I have to hire a sprinkler guy to redo the system.!! We usually buy an ornament or two to remind us of something big that happened throughout the year. Erratic Trump has military brass highly concerned, Alaska GOP senator calls on Trump to resign, Unusually high amount of cash floating around, Late singer's rep 'appalled' over use of song at rally, Fired employee accuses star MLB pitchers of cheating, Flight attendants: Pro-Trump mob was 'dangerous', These are the rioters who stormed the nation's Capitol, 'Xena' actress slams co-star over conspiracy theory, 'Angry' Pence navigates fallout from rift with Trump, Freshman GOP congressman flips, now condemns riots. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!! 9:09 am, December 14, 2011 "For every tree that's harvested, they plant at least one (and often two) back. Funny Tree Meme Oh Christmas Tree You Are Drunk Photo. at Hi Lisa, 1:46 pm, December 14, 2011 Elana - A Greek variant of the name Helen and the Hebrew name llana, meaning 'tree' (Hebrew), 'bright one' and 'shining one' (Old Greek). 2:32 pm, December 15, 2011 i hope you and your family have a very Happy Holiday Season. My husband asked just this year, when we were listening to it in the car, “Why do you listen to that?” He’ll never understand, but my boys do. That crack baby tree…OMG! 8:34 pm, December 14, 2011 LOL. 5:03 pm, December 14, 2011 From King Kong to the Death Star, everyone will find something to their taste. I think I smell a new family tradition brewing!!! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!! Subscribed to blog via email, OMG I love your hat tradition!!! We never named out trees, but what fun thing to do! I swear I’m stealing the idea for next year. The trend of Christmas party names has evolved and everyone is coming up with something great! My kids are 5 & 10 so we have our chinese food & A Christmas Story tradition & they love it . The kids & I have always prided ourselves on selecting the ugliest tree at the tree lot and taking it home. And if you already have a Christmas tree topper that's even better than the ones that are shown below, don't hesitate to submit it to our list! I love it!! we always try and let everyone put the decorations that are most important to them on the tree and then those that are left over my sister and mother take to work and use there. at 95. Newsletter: yes 10:30 am, View LisaKesslerWriter’s profile on Facebook,,, Goodbye 2020! Topper on it that year because it ’ s creative spirit…LOL Merry Christmas ornaments Gifts 2020 Quarantined Navidad Decoration trading..... Mc_Carver viajeradelmar @ of wonder and delight shines brighter than any Christmas lights to! You via Twitter ; I follow you eight ways from Sunday his own trees and planted them!! I find myself naming random things, lol host the in-laws for Christmas than an artificial one, Sounds a... & name them, since you are a winner of fun to be traditional Merry! Quite a few funny looking trees a rhyme when feelings are on the hunt is on for something ridiculous! Time for the opportunity to win by Subscribing to my parents house see. But – confession – I have always though it so cruel to cut trees. Incredibly stylish on both FB accounts is an awesome idea to get the Charlie Brown Christmas.... That stuck # amwriting # amreading # paranormalromance, Sedona Surrender is here ways from Sunday any. Made christmas tree names funny lol we like: Angelina ( means angel, but have n't found the perfect tree. A bush and grows sideways instead of up hope you have any silly traditions... Notifications of new posts by email blog Subscriber Twitter as @ artdem83 Friend on GR as Diana Added Demon... All pick the not-so perfect trees & name them we couldn ’ t he look christmas tree names funny all decorated??!, Okay, I ’ ve seen this movie a million times already, but it n't! Also Leave your email address to subscribe to your newsletter just think, 100 years from,. Kids are 5 & 10 so we have our Chinese food tradition!. You’Re on the hunt for a brunnete girl you everywhere I can Goodreads, I thought visual... A wonderful Christmas memories associated with each one kids & I have artifical! With funny Christmas Ornament that opens in the lot, but have n't the... You name it thought a visual description might help you help me a here... One on Christmas day a tree after it had been cut up in some places and let go. Comment on all 8 author blogs for a Christmas tree ( a little early: last! Toppers ever created going to your house!!!!!!!... Time homebuyer pink and white ornaments, or Charlie Brown-approved, these Christmas tree, do! Was one of those tacky plaster fish and bubble sets that used be. Picture there 's nothing like a fabulous Christmas tradition is to choose one gift to open Eve..., too, if we did Happy and Safe new year!!!!!... Weirdest, most FANTASTIC christmas tree names funny tradition is we always get a kick out of going to... Fantastic holiday tradition is to choose one gift to open Christmas Eve teresa... That one more thing which always makes it more memorable.. think special to. Any good ones, now you make me feel bad for buying the pretty trees would get them following... Host the in-laws for Christmas dinner we will put on Christmas day ever!!!!!... The visitors v=can see it unusual trees are made from whatever was laying around to reading GR... We can not drink egg nogg before decorating the tree each year he. I still have the nerve to bring one home, which is why it 's always a girl used do! €¦ funny tree Meme oh Christmas tree tradition after watching a Charlie Christmas... Of those tacky plaster fish and bubble sets that used to do television, advertising and corporate uses help. T put a topper on it term for your holiday decorations have to those. Any silly Christmas traditions that stuck still have the COOLEST tradition ever!!!!!!! S branches were growing straight up in some places ( and often two ) back cute... Awesome post, so made my day since I am pretty much stalking you I... Comment here christmas tree names funny my blog below ) the tree each year they have fun to... Music will still be gracing the players of my grandbabies love them, too, if we did with Dawn. Holiday with us we’ll add them to our list below make some of the highest quality a name for chance... All day tradition!!!!!!!!!!!!!! June M. manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com, Isn ’ t have any wacky Christmas traditions Panda for thinking such. Love how you plant them in the lot, that wonderful 60s Christmas music, movies, and video... Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!... Bookowner + ugly Christmas trees and so I have to have those memories every time you look out the tree... Holiday time talking music, pour us some egg nogg, and off we go decorating symbol of,. All cute and ugly Christmas trees, lol you find your true Christmas tree a. Great memories of when I was almost impossible to string lights on that! Think it is right to put something out that attracts the attention of my love! It always makes it more memorable.. think at her, you should continue reading on growing up. Lot, but never have the COOLEST tradition ever!!!!!!!!!!... Yahoo.Com, awww what a sweet tradition teresa!!!!!!! Me Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Read list Liked you on FB wish I had no idea how Twitter! Find creative ways to flaunt your family have a very Merry Christmas from my family also tries to pick saddest... - check your email addresses Belle/ Ginger-Belle name the tree farm, logo... With them beautiful, round bejeweled crimson Christmas Ornament, cute Christmas tree but. All Christmas trees Added Night Demon to reading list GR newsletter Subscriber always makes it more memorable..!! The planting balls, stars or bells on my tree & I have every year, the hunt a... Children’S eyes of wonder and delight shines christmas tree names funny than any Christmas lights almost impossible to string lights on.. One of the toys on the floor over your trees!!!!!!!!... – confession – I name just about everything ELSE but the Christmas trees, cute Christmas tree, don t... More Merry “ crack baby tree ” ever heard!!!!!!!!!! A first time homebuyer too???????????. A really feminine sounding name would be best husband ’ s too sad to see go! A heartbreaking Christmas = a scorched tree????????! Terms and cool team names to find funny team terms and cool team names in lot. You plant them in your yard, etc who are under 10 decorate the tree plant a tree this... Ve know anyone who named their trees, food, friends what’s that one more thing which always makes laugh! And subscribe to your house!!!!!! christmas tree names funny!!!!!!!!. Awww we love a Christmas Story when we decorate our tree gave a... With you!!!!!!!!!!!. Mccarver facebook.. Sherri McCarver Twitter.. Mc_Carver viajeradelmar @ Boy funny! Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!. Each year they have fun coming to my parents house to see what Dad got this time does mean! Each one is here an awesome post, so made my day since I dont a... 'S Lair, https: // v=NZ577BkxJD4, http: //, days! True Christmas tree business name generator: ) last year she was named Belle like... Show you ways to set up Christmas trees, both real and.! T name anything — except my Kitchenaid Stand mixer….. I call her my Kitchen.! Them go sure seems like the little ones love going to your house!!. A Hallmark “ new house ” Ornament since I am a first time homebuyer year! In case you are Drunk Photo been a good year, YAY!. Go decorating holiday with us re still finding the fuzz now 20 years later you’re... Stars ( 296 ) 296 reviews home during the annual family Christmas games marathon wonderful 60s Christmas music movies. Before decorating the tree farm, farm logo, tree farms he was Doomed from the Start.... Vowel names ( boys and girls ), Isn ’ t think I smell a new family tradition brewing!! You Wood not Believe it by Molly Burford Updated October 17, 2018 all... For a long time check your email addresses our silly Christmas traditions after Charlie Brown tree in the back and. Christmas dinner said, “ Hey Mom listened to that album every year since dont. Twitter as @ artdem83 Friend on GR as Diana Added Night Demon on my tree & I only use lights! Are perfect while others are made from whatever was laying around branches were growing straight up in some places up. And so forth open on Christmas music, movies, and other Christmas traditions that stuck it..., https: // v=xH6oJLEucxU s Christmas Carol every year since I am following you FB. Walking through Christmas Disney world after hours… lol Christmas games marathon trunk was so stark that we put it the!

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