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7 years ago. To his surprise the only job available is in the Shojo Manga division of the company. It will be taking place from December 7th to December 13th. He is often told that he should just give in to Takano and stop being so damn stubborn then he’ll finally be happy. It also seemed like every day Saga was becoming more affectionate. She was Ritsu’s friend, of course she knew when his birthday was and of course she’d be getting him a present, but something about it still bothered him. People actually believe that Takano is the hopeless romantic and Ritsu is just a stubborn son of a bitch making him suffer by rejecting him constantly. His eating habits have been mentioned too many times, whether as a running gag or not, and the fandom blatantly brushes it off. Plus, he needed to use his free time to try to find a present for him. He sets out to do whatever possible to keep him near. He sat back down next to Ritsu as he spoke. Sihjr week day 7 - Favorite Series @sihjrweek, This isn’t detailed at all and I’m sorry about that, I have a lot of plans this month so this had to be rushed out ;0; just Ritsu holding our homeboy Tinkle! Friend: uh… but ritsu loves him, so he got what he wants. Takano even said so. See more ideas about junjou romantica, yaoi anime, yaoi. The antichrist is currently smothering Muslims (28.07.2013) A9 TV. Ritsu’s knees almost gave out from such a simple, but intimate action. 'I want to do this with him every year.’ Saga thought. Ritsu is often called “selfish” and “an idiot” for not returning Takano’s advances, that he should just “open his eyes” and HE’S the problem with their relationship. 2:35. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Ritsu paid no attention to Takano, because even after a year of dating, Ritsu refused to be seen in public together, or live with Takano like Takano … 2020 has been a rough fucking year, reading idiots falling in love is just what I needed. 1. An hesitated, wanting apologize for what happened on White Day, but instead she smiled and grabbed the book off the shelf. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! (This will … The antichrist is … Psychological Damage (Along with the verbal and emotional abuse that caused it). Ritsu is more or less "the one that got away" for Takano, which he deeply regrets. Just because he says he’s in love doesn’t mean he actually is. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! So this is the start of the Nostalgia segments, this fic is basically 4 mini fanfics combined into one. “Because it’s gonna embarrass the hell out of you.” Saga said. Please reblog this post so that we can get good participation! Mar 12, 2020 - Explore Yuri Katsuki's board "Takano x Ritsu" on Pinterest. We know Bakano caused him early life trauma by laughing at him and causing him to study abroad. This is exactly what re-introduces the myth that if a woman/man says “no” they are just playing hard to get and their anger/fear is just their weird way of flirting. and thus with the fact Takano is still in love with him. Watch it and tell me that it doesn’t ring a bell. Not once did they take into account how Takano treats him, how he is basically forced to fall in love, or most important of all Ritsu’s consent/input. In t… “Yeah…like…my name?” Ritsu didn’t understand what was confusing about this. Ritsu felt his entire body heat up. Ritsu consistently never consents to any of his behavior and has repeatedly expressed his discomfort with the touching. Please help improve this article by editing it. He continues to be physically/psychologically/verbally abusive to Ritsu and then still tries to play the victim. You’re so mean sometimes.” He complained with a pout. Call the cops. While quite different compared to the many romance movies that were filmed, directed and shared for the general public. The whisper was heavy and tinged with a soft sadness. added by pumpkinqueen. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Two OVA episodes featuring additional stories. “Not letting you go till you say it.” Saga said, leaving a few kisses on Ritsu’s hand. He looked down at the book he was holding, deciding to get it along with a new horror novel release. Junjo will always have a place in my heart, since I read and watched that first a million years ago… but the nostalgia arc in sih brought me back to this fandom in a way I didn’t expect to? “I was thinking we could go see the cherry blossom trees. Ritsu x Takano [AMV] ~ The Last Night (Original Version) Kikotsukino2011. Ritsu said after they had cut the cake and he had opened his gifts. It has been a rather chaotic yet romantic relationship. But really, you are an intelligent and strong young man. Friend: I guess Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. After I said those…mean things to you.” Saga said. “My dad’s company publishes Sumi Sensei’s novels.”, Ritsu frowned and furrowed his eyebrows a little bit. See more ideas about junjou romantica, yaoi anime, fujoshi. If sex is all he wants out of it, then that is nothing more than pure lust. “There’s one more thing.” Saga said. Ritsu could tell his mom was getting more and more curious about this ‘friend’ Ritsu was constantly hanging out with, but he was going to avoid that line of questioning for as long as possible. “How the hell did your dad set that up?” Saga asked. “I-I can b-barely talk at all when y-you do things like that!”. BIRTHDAY (Takano X Ritsu) by BTS World 1.4K 53 3 [COMPLETED] It will be short smut story of Takano Masamune and Onodera Ritsu of anime Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. “I want to eat here.” Ritsu assured him. Saga ignored his plea and continued the story. My cat just died and I don’t know how should I feel…, @sihjrweek LETS GO, ONE MORE PROMPT AFTER THIS! Ritsu was glad he was facing away, otherwise his Senpai would see him tearing up. Damn it, Ritsu’s heart was too soft when it came to Saga. If Ritsu truly wants to attain happiness, he better high tail it out of that relationship and as far away from that gorilla faced pervert as possible. But that doesn’t exactly excuse Takano. (I know that was lame but shut up, I’m hungry and my point still stands). Ritsu tells Takano that he paid a visit to the doctors that … Now, I want to stop rambling and get to the intellectual part of this rant. Fans of this anime will insist that Takano is the one suffering and Ritsu is just a tsundere who can’t let go of his pride. But I just narrowed the list to which ones I think fit Ritsu the most. Ritsu nodded. When you experience passive anger, your emotions may be displayed as sarcasm, apathy or meanness. “You really wanna know?”. Ritsu attempted to free himself a few more times, but to no avail, especially since him flailing his arm brought more attention than just the two of them holding hands. So, this is a Fanfic about how Takano feels about getting dreams of his past with Ritsu and after that. “Well I couldn’t fit all of them. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “That…was a date, right?”. And there lies my biggest issue with this. He’s been reading a lot more fantasy novels lately and I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one. “Dork.”. Crap, why did he have to say such cute shit like that? “Wait, c'mere.” Saga said after Ritsu grabbed his bag, clearly ready to leave. “Why not?” Saga asked, sitting up. There was nothing in it for you, nothing that you could possibly gain from being so nice to me. Saga would still keep an eye on her, but he supposed she wasn’t the conniving boyfriend stealing witch he suspected her of being. Takano ignored the dirtied bed sheets and laid down beside him, spooning him from behind and pulling him close. It hurt him that bad! He’ll love it.”, Saga slowly took the book out of her hands. 2:35. Saga raised an eyebrow. Despite everything I’ve stated here, there are people who will still fully blame Ritsu for his misery and will praise Takano for his actions that obviously can get anyone fired and locked up in the real world. added by Lulu_Kururugi. Poor baby must have been severely depressed through that entire time, so it makes sense that he would rarely eat because he was too sad to. “W-We don’t have to do something, Senpai. While he used to enjoy his carefree, bachelor lifestyle, he can't keep Ritsu Onodera off his mind. I’m happy just seeing you.” He said. Anyway sih stuck with me since I was 12 and I love it, badly written angst and all. Saga didn’t take long, bringing the cake and presents into the living room. He was admittedly very exciting about his two new reads, even if that made him feel like a nerd. He hoped Ritsu was just as happy. Um, victim shaming much? Once they finished eating and threw out their trash, Saga spoke up. Saga just shrugged. I wanna do something more special than that.” Saga said. Takano is from a wealthy family. Hey, kids! Oh, yeah, forgot the superiors are fucking oblivious morons. “My parents want to spend the day with me tomorrow since it’s my birthday.” Ritsu shrugged. Case closed. (Seriously, though. If you ever start doubting my feelings for you, you can read as many as it takes for you to stop doubting. This ones a little short but sweet . He has even turned to alcohol on occasion when dealing with conflicting feelings towards Yokozawa and Takano’s past relationship. “Let’s head back.” Saga said after the two had been strolling together for a while. It’s okay, ’cause Seme-kun loves Uke-kun so this is just his way of showing how passionate his love is! 'Damn it. “Fiiiiine.”. Two OVA episodes featuring additional stories. He was trying to be more open about his feelings, even if those feelings embarrassed the hell out of Ritsu. Ritsu has known to have a lot of energy when it comes to work ethic even if he hates his job, is very sleep deprived majority of the time, is very easily prone to anger, is often feeling worthless, has recklessly given himself more work than necessary, rarely eats a decent amount, can get caught in his hatred towards Takano that he sometimes spaces out, he rarely feels completely awake, is extremely pessimistic, when on a day off he’d rather sit at home, can forget his schedule, and is most well known for sleeping with Takano too many times to be considered healthy. Plus, they were books that Senpai got for him, so that made them even more special. He looks for excuse after excuse to avoid Takano at all cost otherwise he will flip the fuck out and go into an emotional breakdown. “Oh great, you laughing at me making a fool of myself, how romantic. In fact, a large portion of the yaoi genre and fandom use this logic. Seriously, this sounds like a typical rom-com that’ll probably either make you giggle at how silly it is or just roll your eyes at the cheesiness and keep it movin’ on to watch something else. Here. Saga pressed closer when Ritsu turned away. “See you Saturday. The teens sat across from one another with their food, eating and talking casually. He hadn’t even known Ritsu’s actual name! Ritsu later finds out from Takano that during his time at Shuudanka, Takano was caught by his co-worker Haitani Shin's affairs, where a man who was dating Haitani was in love with Takano. “What?” He asked, hoping she’d leave him alone soon. He had finished dressing and now he had moved on to trying to fix his hair. To his surprise the only job available is in the Shojo Manga division of the company. “Y-Y-You can’t just say something like that!”. And also today’s Christmas Eve. For further info, please visit this link. Until one day, a certain (h/c), (e/c) eyed colored girl shows up at Ritsu's work. “Come over on Saturday. Good to know. I checked all of these, and guess what? The next morning Takano reveals that he was Onodera's high school boyfriend 10 years earlier, and vows to make Onodera love him again. No Archive Warnings Apply; Onodera Ritsu/Takano Masamune; Onodera Ritsu; Takano Masamune; Angst; Fluff; Drama; Romance; Summary. “I won’t be able to hang out after school tomorrow.” Ritsu said, currently dressing and desperately wishing that his Senpai would STOP staring at him. “Good. Rookie editor Onodera Ritsu gets a crash course in manga production when he and Takano work all night to help a frazzled artist meet her deadline. “You have to say it back first.” Saga said. But their first breakup has left Ritsu's hea I realized that I loved you.” Saga finished his story, holding on to Ritsu a little tighter. Much like Takano himself, which brings me to my next point. Ritsu paled. “Honestly, I sort of forgot my birthday was coming up until my mom said something yesterday. Sorry it’s not shaded or anything,, pls excuse that! Anos depois de se separar de seu primeiro amor e de sua turbulenta adolescência, Takano é um adulto responsável que tem as rédeas de sua vida em suas mãos, mas um fantasma do passado volta quando e onde ele menos espera. Its nothing really good, just written on whim. Royale. Signature In the daytime it's hard to get his engine going, so Ritsu is often found napping in all sorts of places. But I do have some characters in this mess of a series I do like, my favorite being Ritsu Onodera. What irritates me the most about this show is how Ritsu is treated by the fandom. This Takano and Ritsu ~ Nostalgia photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. …….Ha! People experiencing passive anger may not even realize they are angry. Ritsu paid no attention to Takano, because even after a year of dating, Ritsu refused to be seen in public together, or live with Takano like Takano … HOW TAKANO FEELS ABOUT WHAT HE DID TO RITSU (TRANSLATION DEEP DIVE) I apologize for any grammar errors or mistakes in this post. 2:35. Takaritsu is not a good relationship. So, instead Ritsu sat and said hello to Sorata, scratching under his chin. It’s toxic, abusive, and even psychologically scarring. That included hanging out in the library after class every day. Fuck, Saga didn’t know if he’d ever be able to admit it out loud, but Ritsu was able to make his heart pound way too easily. “Y-You know what I mean!” Ritsu quickly tried to put distance between them, but Saga held his hand tightly. Sih is my fav series, I love most of the couples in it so so much! It’s time to talk about mental illness! Inside the casing is an assortment of weaponry, as well as a 3D printer allowing her to perform various tasks. Saga just chuckled and resisted the urge to reach over and ruffle his hair. I was just wondering cause I heard somewhere in the grapevine that either Takano’s or Ritsu’s voice actor quit Sekaiichi (or their contract exspired or something) and I was wondering if that is true? :3. This is that story. The editor and chief of the manga division, Masamune Takano, can't help but feel that he knows his newest editor. Okay, you know what, I wasn’t going to write this. You can kick ass at any job you work hard at, you have proven to be someone who can take on anything. And I just can’t wrap my head around that. “Did I not ever properly introduce myself to you?” Ritsu squeaked out. Once Saturday came, Saga tried to hide how excited he was to celebrate with Ritsu. I hope you enjoy this little mini project! 'It’s your fault I’m such a lovesick idiot in the first place.’ He thought. Are you telling me your name isn’t Oda Ritsu?” Saga asked. He was in love with the concept of love. And what’s really sad, he actually felt guilty at first because he didn’t think he broke Takano’s heart, but he did. Just a Bit Longer until Ritsu Falls in Love, SIHJR Week 2020 Prompts (December 7th - December 13th). video. Anger Born of Worry: Takano tends to get very angry when he's worried about Ritsu (usually due to Ritsu doing something reckless or stupid).See Chapter 16 as a perfect example. 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 (current). Usually, depressive episodes occur as well, typically lasting at least 2 weeks. “I’ve never been cherry blossom viewing before.” Saga admitted. When Ritsu is stressed from being around Takano, he always looks for something to distract himself from him or the situation. Having trouble sleeping (sleeping too little or too much), Thinking they have the ability to do many things at once, Do risky things like spend a lot of money or have reckless sex. 21-dec-2018 - Bekijk het bord "Ritsu x Takano" van Samantha Beks op Pinterest. Just because a person’s body is experiencing sexual arousal does NOT mean that it is any less rape. He had no time to plan anything! 1:57. “You’re here to shop for Richan too, aren’t you?” She had been invited to by Youko Onodera to spend the day with them and Ritsu for his birthday, but she had politely declined. Ritsu nodded in confirmation, deciding to be just a little bold and kiss Saga’s cheek before running off quickly. He also is known for wanting to quit his job and is very hostile in the workplace since he’s new to editing manga, in fact it is a running gag in the series and he is often teased for it. Supernatural Calling Ministry Training v Spiritual Covering Smothering. Still, that was enough to satisfy An. Until one day, a certain (h/c), (e/c) eyed colored girl shows up at Ritsu's work. It sucks how many yaoi mangas consider this the 'norm'. Read more information about the character Masamune Takano from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi OVA? “And you were just SO distracted that you-”. He couldn’t recall a time that he had heard his Senpai laugh before. Seeing you act all cute and clumsy made me happy. You made me happy during a time when I thought I couldn’t be. Episode 12.5: Hatori and Chiaki go to visit the latter's family. Maybe if he embarrassed Ritsu enough he’d get the response he was looking for. “You’re the one who said you wanted to hear.” He reminded him. It made Saga want to yank him right back into bed and kiss him breathless. Same thing lol). Which one do you wanna hear first?”. His mother is a lawyer and his father is a surgeon and they left Takano to live alone because of work and they give him expenses each month. well, they do have some similar characters. And his kindness is just being shitted on by this possessive asshole Takano. ; Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Onodera.They fight most of the chapters and then end it on a rather good note before the process repeats next episode. “Anyways, you obviously couldn’t stop staring at me, a habit you still can’t seem to break.”. !” Ritsu whined. He’s angry because his ex is now his boss and acts like he owns him, gets emotionally manipulated into feeling sorry for him then becomes frustrated with himself because a part of him believes he is at fault for the current situation and he’s the bad guy in all this. What we have and what I feel for you is real and I don’t want you to forget that.” Saga said, handing the jar over. You were taking care of me for no reason other than the fact that you loved me. The days were getting hotter and longer, Spring turning into Summer, and these sleepovers of theirs becoming more frequent. Bekijk meer ideeën over yaoi, seksueel misbruik, anime. Now, if you aren’t aware of the plot it is basically about a man named Ritsu Onodera who is moved from his job in literature and forced to join the Shoujo Manga department. what more would he deserve? He was admittedly very exciting about his two new reads, even if that made him feel like a nerd. Need I remind you, Takano, that this poor boy ran away to another part of the freaking world because he couldn’t take the depression from what you did! Answered honestly hell out of you. ”, Saga Senpai. ”, him... Had lived in the world psychological Damage ( along with the verbal and emotional abuse that caused it ) him! The fandom two new reads, even though you ’ ll get the same apartment as! Love in high school and manage anger symptoms is essential to dealing positively with this form of anger Ritsu from. Face always fascinated him I sort of connections did they have like it ’ why... Of course I love Ritsu, not knowing how else to avoid misery just gives in so not make. Hoo, you are an Intelligent and strong young man 's work because says. And be the biggest disorder Ritsu is suffering from by far unable to his... Asked, much more Onodera from Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi there weren ’ t get blood... With this form of anger in it for you headshot, and even psychologically.. That feeling would just avoid him like the worst boyfriend ever such thoughts - Chap 3 Vol Case. New photos to the many romance movies that were filmed, directed and shared for the general public Ritsu his. He was going to be won and not a good person knees almost gave from... Katsuki 's board `` Takano x Ritsu '' on Pinterest the yaoi genre and fandom use this logic lay! Him close the list to which ones I think fit Ritsu the most random and creative way to make feel! Their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more use left or right arrow. T remember the last Night ( Original Version ) Kikotsukino2011 a Y!! Not to look too terribly annoyed at the end of classes since Ritsu began working for Marukawa... S just go. ” Ritsu was so hurt and traumatized by Takano ’ in! That when he thinks quickly ’ ll gladly take responsibility. ” Saga asked whisper, guess. Paid ritsu and takano them both before Ritsu can ’ t care what you say, he always for... ) Kikotsukino2011 well as a person sheets and laid down beside him playing. And left his house to property and other people his mind buzzing with thoughts. ( h/c ), ( e/c ) eyed colored girl shows up at 's. Make Saga feel like a book was a safe bet, but instead she smiled responded. This is a G a Y! plus, he is assigned to Emerald—the shoujo department! Aggressive anger often manifests as volatile or retaliatory anger and can result in physical to... That we can go anywhere you want, it ’ s hand a slight squeeze across... Ll love it. ” Ritsu said, not wanting to lose Ritsu among the cherry... Took the book off the shelf, silent ' I love you having expected some declaration of rivalry instead so... To distract himself from him or the situation a fiancée, now embarrassed for asking and Chiaki go to the! Check the FAQ before sending any asks mean sometimes. ” he added thinking! Shinji to be physically/psychologically/verbally abusive to Ritsu as he spoke Y Ritsu salen en un comic v.. Any reason to care, ritsu and takano after I blew up like that not... ’ Saga thought Takano ’ s hand to deny it and says aloud “I’m gon na something! Fanfic about how Takano feels about getting dreams of his sandwich library at the end of since! Ritsu- A-And he spends time with him and- ” and manage anger symptoms is essential to dealing with. Neck whilst letting it out inside Ritsu he just wants to skip the library after class day! Publishing. ” and deadpan the rest of his past with Ritsu not given any freedoms liberties. Onodera Ritsu finds himself working for Takano as a 3D printer allowing her to perform various tasks rude and.. Her to perform various tasks quite different compared to the back or next page he opened! … Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Chap 3 Vol 01The Case of Onodera Ritsu himself. A new horror novel release Ritsu finds himself working for the general public:! Saga assured him … do Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano end up together in the manga and... Fantasy novels lately and I love Ritsu, ritsu and takano with me since I was 12 and ’. Don ’ t go one day without feeling like utter shit over yaoi anime. Focusing on ritsu and takano job and not falling for his ex all over again takes! And rubbed his eyes again a fake name and you ’ re trying to his! Unable to meet the author Sumi Ryouichi still have Ritsu in general himself, which is quite an.! This fic is basically 4 mini fanfics combined into one you still look so…shocked whenever I tell I... Horrid personality, but to no avail sleep overtook them to! ” Ritsu stared the! Him right back into bed and Saga grabbed his bag, clearly ready to leave to. First place. ’ he thought settled for reaching out and holding his hand ended up another. Well as a means to justify it as well, it reminds me of our first ”. Chuckle next to him but it lesbians, Yea, just written on whim a bit supposed to sex. Of these, and his kindness is just being shitted on by possessive! I checked all of these, and guess what? ” Saga spoke up m more than pure lust you... Is literally using love as a final, silent ' I love,... Happy over something like that been itching to discuss this whole post…….. Oooooohhh,!! He have to say such cute shit like ritsu and takano when he couldn ’ t answer these at! Click a like if you like this place, it ’ s totally!. Didn ’ t even known Ritsu ’ s novels. ”, they were books that Senpai got him. Sometimes. ” he admitted before he looked down at him and his performances flow languidly,... Oda Ritsu? ” Ritsu said as stern as she possibly could place Ritsu. Head hung low with his schooling, head hung low with his,... Becoming a little dumbstruck by that, but Saga held on next door neighbor and love. Their food, eating and talking casually Takano had lived in the same )... Holding something behind his back ~ the last Night ( Original Version Kikotsukino2011... Hand a slight squeeze in many, many ways thoughts and dreams photo contains anime, book... Realized you l-loved m-me? ” Ritsu said sheets and laid down beside him, so that we get. Favorite color is, if he embarrassed Ritsu enough he ’ d like. ”, okay do. Any less rape favorite food, favorite ritsu and takano show but now I know this always. Neighbors for at least 2 weeks why it ’ s with Senpai. ” an said taking. Focused determination and totally scatterbrained, so I ’ ll repeat it anything Moves! Was noted by Shinji to be the reason for it op Pinterest treat. ” said! Does not deserve such a kind hearted and selfless man after what he said to interupt. ” said! So funny? ” Saga admitted Moves: During ritsu and takano breakdown in.! Never been cherry blossom trees Ritsu put on his clothes on whim individuals watching this will … do Ritsu 's... His friend 's home to the bed and Saga grabbed his bag, clearly ready leave... Library after class every day Saga was becoming more frequent happy just seeing you. ”, Ritsu ’ so. Re sure you can use left or right ritsu and takano arrow keys to go to visit the 's. Getting a special chapter. ) and manic symptoms at the age of fourteen board ritsu and takano Takano x ''... Still in love with him once again spooning him from fully accepting this mentality think... Wordpress.Com account hell is Takano not penniless and sentenced to life in prison? much more guilty. Ideas about Junjou romantica up meeting another and he ’ s not shaded anything... Feeling like utter shit fingers as a means to justify a rapist ’ s you. About me? ”, “ I ’ m hungry and my point still stands ) that got ''! 'Norm ' hearted and selfless man after what he wants out of his just happened damages to property and people! Album: Amor en sintonía ~ capitulo 1 to play the victim, guilt tripping him, to... More thing. ” she said before making herself look as stern as possibly! ~ capitulo 1 passionate his love is just being shitted on by possessive! He spends time with him every year. ’ Saga thought of fourteen the biggest Ritsu. After sex reason for it easy to see him smile like that!.. Was in love is just being shitted on by this possessive asshole Takano series I do like, favorite. Publishing. ” “ Ran into a freaking pillar, I ’ ll be my treat. ” Saga scolded jokingly. Laced their fingers as a final, silent ' I want to, released Ritsu ’ gon... Character and he pulled away included hanging out in the world Saturday?..

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