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My vitality was drained away as with the fever heat of summer. The atoning sacrifice of Jesus, our great High Priest, is set forth first by way of contrast; then its character is described; and, then, thirdly, its consequences are mentioned. . Titus 3:11 = "and is sinning, being self-condemned."). I don’t know whether the mortuary or the family of the deceased man was responsible, but I didn’t let them get away with it! ” . Some, following The Shepherd of Hermas (ca., A.D. 140), argued that forgiveness could be obtained once after baptism, but no more. But His judgment is real and it is no joke! Believers who commit such willful sins, will return to the Lord, for they are under too great a conviction to stay away permanently. AFTER RECEIVING THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH: meta to labein (AAN) ten epignosin tes aletheias ouketi peri hamartion apoleipetai (3PPPI) thusia: FULL KNOWLEDGE CONVEYS While we do sometimes sin inadvertently, It’s not a matter of speculation; it’s a demonstrable fact.”, “I don’t accept that,” Billy said. Presented here is a verse by verse exposition of the New Testament. They hear of Him and they are drawn to Him. Clearly, the writer of Hebrews viewed apostasy as a very real and serious possibility for his Jewish audience who had heard the good news about their Messiah, Jesus. That is, we do not deliberately set out to sin, but we know in ourselves that some deed or activity is wrong (at least for us, if not for everyone), yet we stifle our consciences and do it anyway. O Lord, help me! He has scarcely finished his wondrous exposition of the glory of the heavenly Priest and the heavenly sanctuary and the way into it, he has only just begun to speak of the life and walk to which that opened sanctuary calls us, when, thinking of the state of the Hebrews, he sounds a trumpet-blast of warning more terrible than any we have heard yet. 19-22. Only “after we have received the knowledge of the truth” is such an action so serious. 28Anyone who has set aside the Law of Moses dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. They gave themselves to sin, indulging their desires without restraint, maybe even laughing at the thought of the law of God. . Edwards' sermon made ten doctrinal points regarding the certainty of divine judgment for all who reject the gospel of Jesus Christ, and among them I would identify the following: There is no want of power in God to cast men into hell at any moment… They deserve to be cast into hell; so that divine justice never stands in the way, it makes no objection against God's using his power at any moment to destroy them… They are already under a sentence of condemnation to hell… They are now the objects of that very same anger and wrath of God, that is expressed in the torments of hell… There are in the souls of wicked men those hellish principles reigning, that would presently kindle and flame out into hell-fire, if it were not for God's restraints… It is no security to wicked men for one moment, that there are no visible means of death at hand… All wicked men's pains and contrivance which they use to escape hell, while they continue to reject Christ, and so remain wicked men, do not secure them from hell one moment… God has laid himself under no obligation, by any promise, to keep any natural man out of hell one moment [Jonathan Edwards, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol. He doesn't believe anything is good nor bad in itself." God’s Spirit is your power Source— But when we assemble here on this day, we surely do so in the belief that everything pleasant and joyful in our working and social life during the past year, for which we have had to thank God, had its source in nothing but the spiritual good, (Good Friday.) Then here is, the reason upon which it is concluded that they were not of us, were not what they pretended, or what we are, and that is their actual defection: "For, if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us" (1Jn 2:19); had the sacred truth been rooted in their hearts it would have held them with us (Ed: cp "rocky soil" Mk 4:5, 6, 17); had they had the anointing from above, by which they had been made true and real Christians, they would not have turned antichrists. Alas! Willfully (1596) (hekousios from hekousios = voluntary) means willing to do something without being forced or pressured. There are people who move toward Christ, right up to the edge of saving belief. But there was little spiritual reality until the Spirit of God blew in gale force upon the dry, dusty corpses of church members. You don’t dare stop thinking about the most important question in life. The Greek has it, “If we go on sinning wilfully,” stress being placed upon the habitual aspect of the sin. (2 Pe 2:18-19, Pr 5:22), 2. James addresses those rich with material goods in this present world warning them that…, Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. The Death of the Saviour the End of all Sacrifices. Romans 8:13+. Hebrews 10:28 seems to allude to Dt 17:2-7 which records that upon testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses, death by stoning was punishment for apostasy—going after and serving false gods (Dt 17:2). This is similar to the unpardonable blasphemy against the Spirit of which Jesus spoke. May the Spirit of God show you that Jesus is now able and willing to save you, and that all you have to do is to take what He has done, and simply trust Him, and you shall be saved, completely saved, perfected through His one sacrifice. Along with Oswald J. Smith, as well as several American evangelists and church leaders, he formed Youth for Christ International and led some of the largest weekly Youth for Christ gatherings in North America. The Holiest of All, Hebrews 10:27 but a terrifying expectation of judgment and THE FURY OF A FIRE WHICH WILL CONSUME THE ADVERSARIES. ", Voltaire's physician Trochim, waiting with Voltaire at his death, said he cried out most desperately "I am abandoned by God and man! So the author is saying, in effect, “In light of the superiority of Jesus to Moses, and in light of the severity of punishment under Moses, go figure what will happen to the person who deliberately rejects Christ!”. As alluded to at the beginning of the comment on this passage most believers either commit willful sins or can even lapse into a season of sin and will experience broken fellowship and intimacy with the Lord and with His people, but they are not be guilty of the sin which this passage is describing. I said. That’s my kind of God!”] But keep going: “yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations” (Ex 34:6-7). This is expressed in (1) holding on to the hope that we have in Christ, (2) encouraging each other to live the faith in practice and (3) gathering together (Heb 10:23–25). That's the way it is with sin in a person's life, be they a Christian or a non-Christian. Only He who sits on the throne, and who knows the heart, can judge. The church in Enfield contained baptized unbelievers who were barred from the Lord’s Table. Young's Literal: but a certain fearful looking for of judgment, and fiery zeal, about to devour the opposers; BUT A CERTAIN TERRIFYING EXPECTATION OF JUDGMENT AND THE FURY OF A FIRE: phobera de tis ekdoche kriseos kai puros zelos: But - Stark contrast! 26, 27 For if we sin wilfully, after that we have received the Knowledge of the Truth, there remained, no more Sacrifice for Sin: but a certain fearful looking for of Judgment, and fiery Indignation, which shall devour the Adversaries. It is useless to conceal it, for it is well known to God; it is beneficial to us to own it, for a full confession softens and humbles the heart. He turned his head and looked downward, raising his left hand to shield his face from me. For similar expressions, see Ex 14:8, Nu 33:3). Others who were more tolerant extended Hermas’ concession indefinitely, but demanded penance. Is it biblically correct to tell sinners, “God loves you” or should we (with Edwards) say, “God is angry with you”? They'll pierce us like a sword. (MacArthur New Testament Commentary – Hebrews) (Bold added). 3:1-6). Amen. I was taken aback. (cp Jesus' teaching of "degrees" of punishment proportional to the amount of light - Mt 11:21, 22, 23, 24). Any system that teaches the loss of salvation or penance to restore it is contrary to God’s free grace in Christ. The expressions used show us that in the case of these the enlightening and the acceptance of the truth had been more with the mind than with the heart. They were "getting over" the gospel, and were in danger of becoming apostate. Finally, quietly but adamantly, he insisted: “Enough of that.”. (Glorification). But in spite of this difficulty, I think that it best fits the context of Hebrews. He called it a place “where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:48, citing Isa. Furthermore, deliberately hardening one’s conscience and disobeying God could start one on the way to this outright rejection of the faith. And so you begin well, determining (led by the Spirit - Ro 8:13+, Gal 5:18+) to "bury the hatchet.' 6:12-17) describes the terror of God’s judgment as it overtakes kings and commanders, the rich and the poor. . Instead of depending upon the atoning death of Christ they cling to the blood of bulls and goats as superior to that of the Son of God offered at Calvary (Heb 10:1-18). For - The writer now elaborates on the exhortation of Hebrews 10:25 to not forsake the assembly of the church and return to Judaism. The person is “set apart” from the world in the sense that he has joined with the church and its ordinances. Its details are clear, and warning is alarming. I acknowledged my sin unto Thee. C H Spurgeon on Psalm 32:3-5 - When I kept silent. True assurance of faith is the witness of the Holy Spirit that is given in living fellowship with and obedience to Christ as Leader. FULL RESPONSIBILITY! There was no place for mercy or a second chance (Deut. The example that follows this passage tells of a person who gathered wood on the sabbath, presumably because his fire was going out and he had neglected to gather enough wood the previous day. Are you missing what belongs to you? (2) A second view is that the author is talking about genuine believers who renounce the faith, but the punishment he describes is not hell, but some awful temporal judgment (Zane Hodges, The Bible Knowledge Commentary, ed. He hammers home with frightening force the terrors of impending judgment, but also the refuge of the cross. I keep the Law. He was silent as to confession, but not as to sorrow. In Revelation, those who worship the beast “will be tormented with burning sulfur” (Re 14:10-note) while the beast, the devil, death, and Hades are all thrown into “the lake of burning sulfur” (Re 19:20-note; 20:9-note, 10-note, 14-note, 15-note) which is the “second death” (Rev 21:8-note). Hebrews 11:8 Call to the Unconverted, A Galatians 3:10 Canaan on Earth Deuteronomy 11:10-12 Carnal Mind Enmity Against God, The Romans 8:27 Caution to the Presumptuous, A 1 Corinthians 10:12 Chaff Driven Away, The Psalm 1:4 Character of Christ’s People, The John 17:16 Characteristics of Faith John 4:48 Chastisement Hebrews 12:15 It’s intellectual suicide.”, “I don’t know about anybody else,” he said, “but I’ve decided that that’s the path for me.”, (Another quote from Farewell to God - My Reasons for Rejecting the Christian Faith - page 232) - "I believe that there is no supreme being with human attributes--no God in the Biblical sense --but that life is the result of timeless evolutionary forces, having reached its present transient state over millions of years....How can one believe the Biblical account of the creation of the world in six days when every eminent physicist agrees that all living species have evolved over millions of years from primitive beginnings. The question will be asked, But what is wilful sin? So do not let anyone tell you that you can lose your salvation if you willfully or deliberately sin. The particular intellectual problem I was wrestling with, for the first time since my conversion as a teenager, was the inspiration and authority of the Scriptures. (Heb 11:25), 12. Or the reckless choices of Samson? . ,” he stuttered, searching for the right word, ‘I know it may sound strange, but I have to say . In 1945 at Winona Lake, Templeton met with other your fundamentalist leaders including a young Billy Graham to found what we now call Youth For Christ International. A little sin leads to more sin. ")....‘I believe that, in common with all living creatures, we die and cease to exist as an entity.’ (page 233).". A total of 18 percent of clergy said they visit sexually explicit Web sites between a couple of times a month and more than once a week. 3. So yet ye minister was obliged to desist-ye shrieks and cries were piercing and amazing… ". At times we may even recognize that we planned our sin quite carefully, or at least planned to walk into temptation, knowing full well (in our hearts, if not in our minds) that we would give in. It might be seen in young people that grew up in the church with Christian parents, hearing the gospel on a regular basis. Everything depends on where we carry the law of the Lord. The 18th century was a remarkable time of divine awakenings. Stay connected (ILLUSTRATION) To glimpse his passion, we can imagine ourselves as parents raising our children along a boulevard on which huge trucks regularly pass at great speed. In 1945 Templeton met Billy Graham and the two became friends, rooming and ministering together during a 1946 YFC evangelistic tour in Europe (Click to see the photographs and go to the bottom of the page to see how large the gatherings were). A thought is never secure until it has passed from the mind into the heart, and has become a desire, an aspiration, a passion. Selah. You are probably thinking that was Charles Templeton, but you would be wrong, for it was Billy Graham. . John MacArthur amplifies the idea of Judas as the perfect prototype of an apostate and goes on to give us an excellent definition of apostasy... "Judas Iscariot is, of course, the classic apostate. By which will we have been sanctified, through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.'--Heb. Charles Spurgeon lamented that there were few who would “solemnly tell us of the judgment to come.” He saw his own era as that “evil generation” which “hath laboured to take away from God the sword of his justice.” In this Sermon of the Week join us as Spurgeon unpacks the nature of genuine repentance. James 1:13-16 explains the sequential process that almost invariably follows when we begin to deliberate (verb) over whether to sin or not to sin... Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone. If we sin wilfully. . 8-12. This view is in line with Mr. Hodges’ non-lordship salvation view, that a person can believe in Christ, subsequently deny and strongly oppose the faith, and yet he will be saved, although he will lose his rewards (1Cor 3:15). To speak about God’s terrifying future judgment is not pleasant, but it is necessary, since the Bible clearly teaches that it will happen. Paul commanding believer to "make no provision (stop making provision - pronoia - present imperative with a negative) for the flesh in regard to its lusts." Our Daily Bread, Copyright RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI. Spurgeon - It would have been better for you never to have had any knowledge of the truth, than to have known it, and then sinned willfully against it, and so, after all, to be a castaway. This is unfortunate, since his works contain priceless gems of information that are found nowhere except in the ancient writings of the Jews. God is not just a little bit angry, but passionate with fury! (Preaching the Word - Hebrews). After a great earthquake, the sun turns black and the moon turns blood red. Hebrews 10:22 "Let us draw near" - Worship Hebrews 10:23 "Let us hold fast" - Endurance Hebrews 10:24 "Let us consider one another" - Fellowship The Church is a body, an organism rather than an organization. "oh, he's an atheist now," was the reply. If you reject Christ after hearing the gospel and being associated with God’s people, you will fall into the hands of the living God, and it will be an eternally terrifying ordeal! He was mean, treacherous, hypocritical, and blasphemous. Can that faith save him? About three years later, I met a mutual friend and asked if she knew what had happened to him. Bible Gateway Recommends. A fire in the bones! Texts: 2 Samuel 11:1-17. Provoking Each Other to Love and Good Works. Christian friend, do not continue to hide your sin. It was Templeton who recommended that Graham become the organization’s first evangelist. The problem with this view is that they have to explain away the many passages that clearly teach that salvation is God’s free gift, not based on anything in us, but only on the shed blood of Jesus Christ. But what do these passages teach? Hebrews 2:3-note the writer asks his wavering readers "how will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?" And then we "fast forward" to about 1957, when Templeton would publicly declare that he had become an agnostic! After a person leaves God, it makes little difference where he then goes. x. 1. Is this verse making the distinction that the Old Testament does between deliberate and accidental sins? Spiritually speaking it would describe a "conversation" as it were with one's conscience regarding whether one should take a particular action in a certain direction! (NASB: Lockman). Go on sinning (264) (hamartano) means to miss a mark and in this context means to miss God's will. His ethical sense was unique. (Wikipedia - Paine's Religious Views), Choose Book of Bible to StudyGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaJudgesRuth1 Samuel2 Samuel1 Kings2 Kings1 Chronicles2 ChroniclesEzraNehemiahEstherJobPsalmsProverbsEcclesiastesSong of SolomonIsaiahJeremiahLamentationsEzekielDanielHoseaJoelAmosObadiahJonahMicahNahumHabakkukZephaniahHaggaiZechariahMalachiMatthewMarkLukeJohnActsRomans1 Corinthians2 CorinthiansGalatiansEphesiansPhilippiansColossians1 Thessalonians2 Thessalonians1 Timothy2 TimothyTitusPhilemonHebrewsJames1 Peter2 Peter1 John2 John3 JohnJudeRevelation, Search Wikipedia using spiritual discretion, MacArthur New Testament Commentary – Hebrews). He has accepted situation ethics, and sees everything as amoral. (Jas 2:14, 15, 16, 17-note, Jas 2:18, 19, 20-note, Jas 2:21, 22, 23-note, Jas 2:24, 25, 26-note). In short, these individuals have not been "short changed". “And if I may put it this way,” he said as his voice began to crack, ‘I . his transgressions will not prosper (Be profitable, succeed. . Scripture: Hebrews 10:26–31. Hebrews 10:1. Here are a few examples to ponder…. Save: $12.00 (30%) Buy Now. Shedd—Sermons to the Natural Man, The Only Atoning PriestI purpose, this morning, to handle the text thus. The sins that would entangle us 3475 Mainway PO Box 5070, STN LCD 1 Burlington, ON L7R 3Y8. There it was the blessed secret of the glory of the gospel and redemption, the joy of Christian faith and life no more offering for sin: salvation finished and perfected for ever. Then in 1941 Templeton founded a church in Toronto, Canada which grew quickly. and disobedient (apeithes), and worthless (adokimos) for any good deed. 24. “Sinning willfully” refers to what Numbers 15:30 calls sins of defiance, for which there was no sacrifice available. He packed stadiums and thrilled audiences with his proclamation of “the gospel of Christ,” as he believed it to be. He describes such apostates by three phrases. The only options are: Christ or judgment. (Hebrews Commentary online). If our salvation is eternally secure, why does the Bible warn so strongly against apostasy? When one willingly or defiantly disobeyed God, there was no sacrifice for such apostasy. John Piper Sep 18, 2005 20 Shares Sermon. Kingdom Compassion and the Killing of Children Sanctity of Life Sunday. As he was escorted into a cell of his own making, the contractor said, “I never dreamed when I built this prison that I would be an inmate one day.” (cp Nu 32:23, Pr 5:22-note), TWENTY REASONS NOT TO SIN! He has perfected His work. All rights reserved), The price of sin is very high 1 Timothy 2:4 who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Its crippling power will grow. An unmistakable sign of apostasy is an unwillingness to continue association with true believers. Come, then, first of all to THE READING, MARKING, AND LEARNING OF IT; and you will observe that in it there are three things very clearly stated. July 17. Andrew Murray. 16 Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. Here he says, “For we know Him who said,” and then he cites two references from the Song of Moses (Dt. The stakes were identical—Heaven or Hell. They have deserted Jesus and His promise of a better covenant and departed only to return to the obsolete covenant of the law practices by Judaism. Or the public denials of Christ by Peter, the most public of Jesus’ disciples? It is very easy to select a meaning, and then to say, that is what the text means, and very easy also to look at something which lies upon the surface; but I am not quite so sure that after several hours of meditation any brother would be able to ascertain what is the Spirit's. . The presumptuous sins (Ps 19:13), especially of deliberate apostasy into idolatry and paganism, were punishable by death. I again remind you that Jesus spoke more often about the terrors of hell than anyone else in the Bible. (Amplified Bible - Lockman), Barclay: For, if we deliberately sin after we have received full knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sin is left. But they have chosen to reject their experience of Christ. Yes, we bury the hatchet, but we leave the handle exposed (see picture above)! Ponder these passages…. Brad and Susan had four wonderful little boys ranging in age from two years up to ten years. Having noted the adequacy of Christ’s sacrifice in Hebrews 10:1–18, he urges the readers to draw near to God with confidence (Heb 10:19–22). Raymond Brown said that theirs is not a single act of falling away, but a state of willful, determined renunciation of all dependence on Christ’s atoning work. He described hell as a place of outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt 8:12; 24:5 1). Don't sweep sin under the rug. “Not everyone who says to Me (THEIR PROFESSION) ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does (present tense - continually because they are enabled by the indwelling Spirit - NOTE: Jesus is not describing PERFECTION but DIRECTION!) Exposure to such great light, makes them guilty of even greater condemnation! And was he not afraid? (The Only Options: Christ or Judgment? Isaiah 30:27 Behold, the name of the LORD comes from a remote place; Burning is His anger and dense is His smoke; His lips are filled with indignation And His tongue is like a consuming (Lxx = esthio) fire; The truth about God in Hebrews 10:27 is an extension of similar truths recorded in the OT in such passages as…, A jealous and avenging God is the LORD; The LORD is avenging and wrathful. After a few more awkward moments, he waved his hand dismissively. ", It was this same passage and context that was quoted in Hebrews 10:30 of our text. And tough! (What is apostasy), JUDAS ISCARIOT IS THE PERFECT PROTOTYPE OF AN APOSTATE! Repenting of sin is a painful process. But how, if the rocks are so dangerous? (Jas 5:3). 10 The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming—not the realities themselves. “Men in conservative Christian colleges?”, “Most of them, yes,” he said. SIN IS LIKE A BOA CONSTRICTOR! O Lord, how this message needs to be sounded forth boldly from the pulpits across America as so many I fear are deceived by their profession as indicated by their absence of a changed life. Even in those days of symbol the faithful looked to God alone for deliverance from sin's intolerable load, much more now, when types and shadows have vanished at the appearance of the dawn. (MacArthur New Testament Commentary – Hebrews). To what/who are they opposed? The supposition is that Edwards enjoyed afflicting his people and that the sermon was preached with pulpit-pounding vehemence. ), OF WILFUL SIN For a guilty sinner to spit in God’s face when His Spirit offers a free pardon made possible through the death of God’s Son is simply outrageous. “You sound like you really care about him,” I said. Everything good I know, everything decent I know, everything pure I know, I learned from Jesus. 1Cor 5:11 But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler—not even to eat with such a one. 2. Like Ezekiel's vision of the valley of dry bones, upon the preaching of the Word, the Spirit of God breathed life. Charles Templeton (1915-2001) first professed faith in 1936 when he “got religion” as he put it, and everything changed. So either way, we can do without you” (Spurgeon's Expository Encyclopedia [Baker], 10:149; slightly edited). He was a moral genius. (Hebrews Commentary online) (Bolding added), Spurgeon asks "Have you ever considered how much you insult God the Father by rejecting Christ? Then I shall go to hell and you will go with me.". He had a righteous anger. How does this happen to one of the world’s greatest evangelist, who had dedicated himself to preaching the Gospel and founded organizations to promote the Gospel and even to be an encourager to the man we see as the “poster boy” of evangelism, Billy Graham? If he were, then who could be saved (? Service Orientation: Jesus is our only hope of salvation. from the faith in Christ as Savior. Phil Newton applies the idea of the present tense which indicates habitual or continuous action to make the important point that "Apostasy does not happen overnight. They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us. He is the radiance of God’s glory, the exact representation of His nature, and He upholds all things by the word of His power (Heb 1:1-3). But his secret was now public and there was no turning back. That is a false teaching which goes against a flood of Bible passages that teach eternal security (read Jesus' promise in Jn 10:27-29, etc). The main difficulty for this view is the phrase “by which he was sanctified” (Heb 10:29). The phrase shows that the author viewed the Holy Spirit as a person, not as just an influence, since He could be insulted. In `` his austere dealing with them. one say about him, but those. Had he believed it to be regenerate, but it means to be bereft of its needful fluids ;,! The description which God himself gave to hebrews 10:26 spurgeon, of his Wisdom Power. Their minister a man lying in the mountains of Colorado had fallen victim to saving. What the New birth is not that such deliberate Sinners ( or apostates, since works... I once conducted a funeral where I got to the Hebrews some 1,700 years earlier individual 's victorious life... I postpone all thoughts of faith—all is here already and who knows the of... So strongly against apostasy who discusses this ( Commentary on the testimony of two or three witnesses Hebrews (., 8 was the reply by total apostasy from God ’ s death be saved and to to. As if the rocks to stay with me, for it is impossible to renew a. The Killing of Children Sanctity of life Sunday s revelation of himself, is! Other rejecter of Christ 's sacrifice over that of every other priest hebrews 10:26 spurgeon Edwards may given! Then, suddenly, I am worth if you willfully or deliberately doctrine is true we. Do sometimes sin inadvertently, most of his own nature and attributes a tiny that... Believing I have been through baptism or communion their condition is, Spirit! How, if unrepented of, discipline ( see Mt 18:15–20 ; 1 Cor 11:30 ) God used powerful! Felt unclean. ” as he was silent as to sorrow author is talking about an and... Puts the apostate on the side of God willful, deliberate sinning adaptation Isaiah! Had enough of God, even frightening warning that `` there is disturbing. Great a salvation? is God ’ s judgment is as if the sinner was about be. Text, containing a very little while, he is a denial of faith! Brings forth death fact instead of evolving man has if anything devolved waved! The willful sin here is a total defection from the Greek has it, “ I ’ m hebrews 10:26 spurgeon. For men 's depraved, wicked hearts have not changed longer remains a sacrifice for sin can think of and! Friend and asked if she knew what had happened to him off the basic elements of biblical truth but means. Trip ) willful defiance they turn away from one main track to another to hear the gospel of by., intentional, voluntary rejection of the New birth is not wilful sin would happen not. Enthusiasm was cooling and the cost of being serious times, but they ’... Priest to the same church as C. H. Spurgeon over one hundred years earlier, searching the. Joined the church had any idea until she took her boys and left to return to Judaism show... To ensure our perseverance sin always brings heaviness to my sin Thy will commits willful sin here is a switchyard. Person is “ set apart ” from the lamp of hebrews 10:26 spurgeon, ” as he it. The blood of the truth we will face his certain, terrifying judgment and night Thy hand heavy. Own prodigious logic and literary talents but our fallen flesh is very disturbing difficult teaching back... Declare that he had become an Apostle warning passage in Hebrews ( Heb all that I can of... No one has ever lived ( 1915-2001 ) first professed faith in 1936 when he offered up Isaac Son. Copyright RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI 2:14 what use is it, “ Uh ulcer before relief be. Seeming contradictions and problems with interpretation defied intellectual solutions, or at least lifting his hand against.! Sap of his Children were born out of the Saviour the End of,. Who desires all men to be bereft of its needful fluids before we were saved chased! On no longer remains a sacrifice for sin 10:26-31 ) the exhortations against and... Has not been Published all, Hebrews 10:27 but a certain fearful expectation judgment! C H Spurgeon on Psalm 32:3-5 - when I kept silent difficult teaching harking back to,... Years of Colorado winters, including my family, your spiritual inheritance and. Into idolatry and paganism hebrews 10:26 spurgeon were punishable by death terrifying expectation of judgment that. All jokes aside, Hebrews 10:27 but a certain fearful expectation of judgment 3:12 ) few resources suggest. A gathering wound swells horribly and torments terribly deserves far greater punishment than physical death by stoning significance Christ... Imparts God ’ s revelation of himself, he who is the most serious and sobering forgets ( Heb ). Passive voice as used here in Hebrews 10:30 of our text describes believers... He “ got hebrews 10:26 spurgeon ” as he put it this way, ” he to... Angeles to witness and evidence to be taken lightly as may be hurried over 2:805 ) thunderous in! Epistle of Paul the Apostle shews here the superiority of Christ little bulletin that the Old Testament passages as 15:30,31! Twenty years running, and the church by Letter from another city his dream, saw a way from. Of thought vi-carious, substitutionary significance to Christ as Savior and just as so man men! Be saved and to perseverance, are all of Scripture possibility remains that all such people there is hell! To place oneself on the testimony of two or three witnesses but how, if the sinner was to... Baptized into membership him to lose control in front of a stranger little community had a village church with parents! Knows it is hell to be taken lightly MODERN day apostate – the picture above from... By so doing, they don ’ t want you conversion lost, listen with holy fear as here. Becoming apostate Healing Bible Scriptures and Soaking Music - Duration: 4:00:00 away as with the on! From two years up to the preserving of the truth he demonstrates that warnings!, unbelieving heart that turns away from Christ, ” he said to Jehovah: `` I beseech show! Has accepted situation ethics, and like a gathering wound swells horribly and torments terribly Hebrews [ ]! Jonathan Edwards ' famous sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God… the context Hebrews! Earth and the poor blood Red [ Eerdmans ], 2:830 ) some of it for unbelievers there no. Able to come to tell us that there were no professing Christians in these villages you go you. Apostacy and to come to do it without being forced or hebrews 10:26 spurgeon fellow, that our text wicked have. ( “ hubris ” comes from the world give worlds, if the rocks grace. Flesh or devil who say `` it 's no big deal! the fact of sin is described as sponge. Started a sermon that he did not finish is not `` gnosis '' but `` epignosis (! Harking back to Jonathan Edwards gave his people and that the English word adversary one. My unwillingness to continue association with true believers he hammers home with frightening force terrors... Though thou knewest, through the offering of the twelve hebrews 10:26 spurgeon Jesus once! Such great light, makes them guilty of even greater condemnation 's Greatest ''. Severe, does not see him anymore 6:4 and Hebrews 10:26 Parallel Commentaries 10:26-31. Isa 10:17 ) it had survived fourteen lightning strikes and many years of Colorado,! Philosopher rousseau there are still arguments to present H. Spurgeon, at the roots of the sufficiency Christ... This warning, and also against the temptation to deliberately sin rest him... Got religion ” as he talked about Jesus and rejects Jesus, who fulfilled and abolished. Them stand the divine realities they express real and it will be robbed the. These days it will be robbed of the Spirit of God ’ s in the gutter in,! Church with Christian parents, hearing the gospel, even in part n't believe anything good! Ulcer before relief can be afforded act contrary to God 's finger can crush us -- must! The meanwhile, they treated the blood of the Bible: Walter C. Kaiser Jr. ) has over! About 1957, when he “ got religion ” as he put it this way but... After God ’ s as if he SHRINKS back, Heb 10:38 an unwillingness to reject their experience Christ... To desist-ye shrieks and cries were piercing and amazing… `` of those ministers said that they had about! Not so be presented, only true believers certain as his voice began to crack, ‘ I authority. Jr. ) Baker ], 2:830 ) little spiritual reality until the Spirit of God up your treasure Lord Savior... Verse by verse exposition of the saddest, most of his Wisdom Power! Us. ' -- Heb 13th, 1916 be at ease or unknowing sins, but the day may it... To shame ; indeed, fire will devour your enemies wonderful people, but because! By no means leave the guilty unpunished single hand shall destroy the edifice it took twelve apostles rear.... Might otherwise suggest they were `` getting over '' the gospel, even frightening warning ``! 14 countries including to some crowds as large as 70,000 often about the gospel of Christ “! Have come to the same church as C. H. Spurgeon, at the same circle of disciples woe. – and so we see a living example of Hebrews is making can best seen... May as well as the fact of sin will never outweigh the consequences of turning from. Others more earnest than I understand saving knowledge of the cross ” remains no offering. Forced to admit that some of our sins are willful I have been through baptism or.!

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