rhapsody german pinschers

In 1985, the German Pinscher Club of America was started by various German Pinscher fanciers, most of whom are no longer active in the breed. Éleveur de chiens. 219 likes. The German Pinscher A medium sized dog with a big attitude. You must live within a reasonable driving distance from NE Kansas (such as Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma). Our dogs are our family pets and do not live in a kennel environment. Phone:816-853-7939. In the spirit of global cooperation and concern for the health and prosperity of the German Pinscher breed, it has proven vital for breeders to make good decisions by having access to full and complete pedigrees that include information on all available health testing. Our next litter will be planned for Summer 2021. Rhapsody German Pinschers. Our pinschers have caught squirrels, rabbits, snakes, and even birds. They are very clean and have no dogie odor. © Copyright 2017. Trained dogs can hunt for the entire day without getting tired. We would love to talk to you about our dogs. Nova; Leon; Brittaliya; Adele; Retired Dogs; In Memory Of; Litters . It is important to provide them with an outlet for energy or they may become destructive or develop behavioral issues. They are excellent watchdogs and faithful companions that insist on being with their people. Trial mating . Éleveur d’animaux. Home of champion German Pinschers. Rhapsody German Pinschers, Topeka, Kansas. It is recommended that breeding stock be evaluated yearly for cataracts. Windamir German Pinscher, Welcome Acres, Maryland. There is evidence food consumption plays a role in HD, and it has been suggested that exercise, growth rate, and other environmental factors play a significant role. They have a strong hunting instinct. She was a very loveable dog who never met a person she did not like. German Pinschers make excellent house dogs and are a lot of fun to live with. The dogs are easy to train, but tend to be stubborn, especially when being kept from their innate function of running after rodents. They are excellent watchdogs and faithful companions that insist on being with their people. It is best to introduce them when they are young to cats or other small pets in the house. Food and toy drive can vary from individual to individual. Home; Current Litter; Learning Program; How we raise our puppies. The German Pinscher came to breeders in the United States in the early 1980s, though accounts of singular German Pinschers appearing in the country before then have been noted. German Pinscher Club of America Rescue. It is important to minimize these environmental factors when you are raising a puppy. They are not prone to being overly "barky". They have a high training requirement and require an owner that is dedicated to being consistent and firm (but fair) in training. Breeding stock should have hips evaluated and certified free of hip dysplasia. What marketing strategies does Rhapsodygermanpinschers use? If you are interested in the red female puppy from this litter or a puppy from our planned Summer 2021 litter, please fill out our Puppy Form. The German Pinscher A medium sized dog with a big attitude. German Pinschers are highly intelligent and are quick to learn with the proper training. Link Here If you would like to be added to our contact list, send us an email: LinDeeKennel@gmail.com with your contact information and we will send you a Puppy questionaire to fill out. Cause. The German Pinscher is loyal, protective, loving, energetic and a lot of fun to live with! Rhapsody German Pinschers, Topeka, Kansas. Phone:785-217-3737. Current Litter; Past Litters; In Their New Homes; About the Breed; Our Program; Available ; Learning Program.

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