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Romans 16, Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary on the Bible, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, filling six volumes, provides an … 12-15) 1. Printable Study Guide. 37. It is sometimes read to us as the second lesson in church. Leon Morris (The Epistle to the Romans [Apollos/Eerdmans], p. 527) observes. The Relationship Between Theology and Ethics. Key Notes: Paul addresses 20 or more people in a city he has not visited. If you’re in one of our home fellowships, you’re familiar with the concept that Pastor Tom Mercer sets forth in his book, 8 to 15: Your World Delivered. Paul had never been to Rome, yet he had friends there whom he met in his many travels. Their names mean “Third” and “Fourth.” They weren’t even the number one or number two slaves. In the male-dominated culture of that day, it is significant that Paul mentions four women who worked hard in the Lord (16:6, 12), plus Prisca who along with her husband Aquila were “fellow workers in Christ Jesus” (16:3). But at the same time, we need to be careful not to “overinterpret this evidence” (Moo, p. 927). Romans Chapter 5, Lesson 1 (PDF) Romans Message Notes, June 9 (PDF) ROMANS 5:1-5. Romans 16 We will begin this lesson in Romans 7:7, "What shall we say then? All rights reserved. Romans 5:6-6:14 Lesson Six …. Now they had moved back to Rome. Home › Group Notes › June 16 – Romans 5:6-11 (Lesson 17) June 16 – Romans 5:6-11 (Lesson 17) Posted on June 13, 2013 by Bryan Parris. Even though our names will never be in Scripture and none of us will probably be recognized or remembered by the world, God knows your name and you are important to Him. She was probably a single, wealthy business woman (she was a “helper” or “patroness” or “benefactor” of many, including Paul). When Nero came to the throne, his mother Agrippina forced Narcissus to commit suicide (three or four years before Romans was written), so his slaves also would be part of the royal household. Review of the Structure of Romans. Five believers are mentioned in verse 15 as well as "all the saints who are with them." Romans - Lesson 16 Text C. Paul’s personal i greetings 16:1-24. In vs.11-16 Paul reaffirms that Israel still has a special place in God’s plan. 1. But they’re worth the risk. Updated: Feb 3, 2020. In the Book of Acts, we see whole households coming to faith (2:39, “you and your children”; 10:1-48, Cornelius; 16:15, Lydia; 16:31-34, the Philippian jailer). What we have here is a snapshot of these two churches that teaches us much about what our church ought to be. ], p. 220), “It is a great thing to go down to history as the man with the open house or as the man with the brotherly heart. It takes some mental effort to grapple with these profound truths, but it’s well worth the work! Romans (2017) Chapter 5 More in this series. But Paul would have vigorously disagreed. Romans 6:15-8:4 Lesson Seven …. Knowing names. After all, why would Paul go so far out of his way to reach a well-established church in Rome when it meant passing by other unreached areas? And I wonder what that man was thinking as he heard the words of this letter pour out of Paul? But before I do, let me say that this chapter dispels the notion that Paul was a non-relational theologian who was so wrapped up in his study that he didn’t care about people. She may have held an official position as a deaconess (1 Tim. Be careful about being too physical in greeting members of the opposite sex! Romans 16:16. Lesson 16: Life in the Spirit – 8:1-11. WBS STUDY OF ROMANS - WEEK 26 Romans: A Reasoned Faith - Romans - Chapter 16, Lesson 16 april 21, 2016 The schedule for the remaining weeks: April 28 REFLECTION – Chapters 9-16 May 5 Review of Romans 1-16 (questions on pages 75-76 of workbook) May 12 FELLOWSHIP Our summer session.… Romans 16:14-15 Ten believers. But that’s not what the real meaning of freedom is. 3 For God has done what the law, weakened by the flesh, could not do. When you come to a section of Scripture like Romans 16 with its long list of names, it’s good to keep in mind Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 3:16-17, “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.” These verses, along with the lists of genealogies in the Bible, are inspired by God for our spiritual profit to equip us for every good work. Then look for ways that you can serve the Lord, as these people did. Husbands and wives can find great joy in working together for the Lord. It’s a holy kiss! Romans 16:16. To our wise God and Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, be all the glory, Amen. For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly also be … We live in a day when doctrine is shoved aside because supposedly it is either divisive or impractical. He says that Andronicus and Junias “were in Christ before me” (16:7). Read through the descriptions again and ask yourself, “How would Paul have described me if he had known me?”, William Barclay observes (The Letter to the Romans [Westminster, rev. Paul also mentions Mary, “who has worked hard for you” (16:6). Romans Lesson 16. None of the people listed in Romans 16 were famous or powerful in the world’s eyes. It may be to set a godly example as a loving husband and father. Thus Joab, pretending great friendship to Amasa, took him by the beard to kiss him, when he slew him, 2 Samuel 20:9.Our Lord says to Simon, Luke 7:45, Thou gavest me no kiss; meaning, that he had not expressed such affection to him as the woman had done who kissed his feet. BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 29, Day 3: Romans 16:17-20 April 10, 2018 April 8, 2018 by atozmom , posted in BSF Romans Summary of passage: Paul warns the Romans to be wary of and to stay away from those who will cause divisions or put obstacles in their way that is … Romans 16:16, ESV: "Greet one another with a holy kiss.All the churches of Christ greet you." Clearly, he took a personal interest in people, and so should we. Romans 9–16. It may be to be a loving homemaker and to rear your children to love and follow Christ. Her name comes from Greek mythology, and so she was probably saved out of a Gentile pagan background. Introduction and Timeline. What will that sentence be?”. You Must Hear the Gospel. Surprisingly, Paul ends with a fundraising appeal, And perhaps that makes sense in this case, Because the enormity of what Paul has given to the church in this letter certainly justifies an expectation of gratitude, We ended last week in Chapter 15 v.13 as Paul wrapped up the formal teaching in this letter, And now Paul turns to addressing his readers specifically, calling on them to respond to his letter in the appropriate way, We can clearly see Paul turning to address his audience as he says “and concerning you…”, What follows is a diplomatic yet convicting appeal for the church in Rome to support Paul’s future missionary journeys, To understand how and why Paul makes this appeal, we need to remember the background I provided at the outset of this letter, As you may remember, by the time of this letter Paul was the foremost apostle of the church, He had traveled extensively throughout the Roman Empire evangelizing  and teaching, He had established or discipled churches in major Roman cities like Antioch, Corinth and Ephesus, And he had written letters to many other churches around Asia Minor, and each letter was treated as a precious object by the faithful, Rome was the most important city in the known world, And therefore the church in Rome carried itself with a certain degree of pride, What’s more, the church had not been founded by an apostle, which gave the leadership an even greater sense of accomplishment, Yet the great apostle Paul had never visited the church in Rome, even when he had been in the neighborhood (relatively speaking), In fact, Paul had not even written to the church in this great city, So by the time Paul sat down to write his letter to Rome, the church leadership was feeling a bit overlooked and unappreciated, And yet Paul was going to need the help of this significant and well-financed church body for his future evangelism, Which is why Paul went to such effort to impress them with his letter, No doubt Paul has blown them away with an intellectual feast of spiritual truth that uplifted them and humbled them, He gave them something they could truly appreciate, something that honored them, And interestingly, Paul has also organized his letter so that he ended his teaching addressing the equality of Gentiles in the church, That organization was strategic on Paul’s part, since it leads him directly into his appeal for support, And as such, he focused his evangelism efforts on traveling to major centers of Gentiles, One such area would be particularly hard to reach…Spain, It lay at the outskirts of the empire, on the opposite side from Judea, So for Paul to travel that far, he would need significant time and support, And not coincidentally, Rome lay directly in his path from Judea to Spain, Therefore Paul wrote Romans to educate and impress his audience in Rome, which then gave him opportunity to make a heartfelt appeal, That appeal will be for the Jewish leadership in the Roman church to give generously to Paul’s mission to reach Gentiles, That’s a tough sell under any circumstances, but even more so when the church isn’t on your side, So returning to Chapter 15, we see Paul’s smart strategy unfolding, First in vs.14-21 Paul reminds the church of the nobility of his mission to reach Gentiles and his faithfulness in carrying it out, Secondly, in vs.22-29 Paul presents the Roman church with his appeal for their partnership with him in his next mission, Finally in vs.30-33 Paul explains his future missionary plans and the opportunity the Romans have to be involved in that work, This is a very traditional missionary fundraising approach, or at least it has become traditional, In vs.14-16 Paul begins in defense of his mission, but starts diplomatically mentioning the good things he’s heard of this church, He knew they were full of goodness, filled with knowledge and able to admonish others in the truth, This is a notable statement, since Paul had never visited Rome, But that doesn’t mean Paul didn’t have connections in that city and in that church, Take a moment to glance at Chapter 16 and you’ll notice that Paul spends considerable time greeting acquaintances in that city, It’s the longest such list in all his epistles, He was making a point that he had connections to the Roman church despite having never visited the city, Paul begins saying he knows they are full of goodness, referring to their moral excellence or character, The Roman church stood as a light amidst darkness in the center of a pagan empire, They were a beacon of godliness, resisting the evil culture so they could transform it by the truth, Likewise, Paul knew they were full of knowledge referring to their understanding of biblical truth, This was largely a self-taught church, humanly speaking, No apostle had made it to Rome as far as we know, so they hadn’t known the benefit of personal instruction by someone like Paul, Nevertheless, they were learning the Scriptures, understanding Christian doctrine even before the canon was complete, And out of that learning, Paul says he knew they were admonishing believers to live out what they were learning, In other words, this wasn’t a church content with filling heads with knowledge, They expected followers of Jesus to live in ways that pleased their Master, Then in v.15 Paul says nevertheless I wrote boldly to you, meaning he covered important doctrinal truth in great detail without the intent to offend, Paul knew that the church might take offense at receiving such a thorough explanation of the Gospel, It might seem to suggest to them that he thought the church in Rome didn’t understand the basis of their own salvation, He says he writes boldly to them on “some points” as if to imply these were things they probably already knew, In reality, they probably learned a lot from Paul’s explanation as do we all, Still Paul handled their egos gently, leading him into his main point in writing: to remind them that he has a God-given mission to reach Gentiles, In v.16 Paul explains he ministers as a priest for the purpose of pleasing God by converting Gentiles, Who in turn will be sanctified by the Holy Spirit, This is the heart of the mission of the church, not just to reach Gentiles but Jews too, Furthermore, Paul wants the church in Rome to understand that his absence was ordained as part of that mission, Paul says that in his work he takes every opportunity to boast in things God is doing, yet he does not presume to boast about his own accomplishments, This is Paul’s preface to explaining the great things that have happened in his ministry, He wants to be sure the church understands he is not assuming personal credit for these outcomes, Rather, he acknowledges that the Lord alone has accomplished this work, And yet the Lord has been working through Paul’s ministry, and the results speak for themselves, Paul’s years spent reaching Gentiles with the Gospel has resulted in a tremendous response of obedience to the Gospel, both in word and deed, Gentiles were turning to the God of Israel, embracing Jesus as that Messiah, They were confessing Christ, showing obedience to the Gospel by their word, And they were turning from pagan lifestyles and immorality to obey the commands of Christ, These were remarkable achievements that few in Israel could ever have imagined happening, As Paul says in Ephesians, it’s literally the breaking down of the temple wall separating the Jew and Gentile, The Gentile response came by the power of the Spirit and in conjunction with great signs, These experiences validated that the Lord was indeed courting Gentiles and welcoming them into the body, As the Spirit manifested these wonders in the midst of Gentile acceptance, the apostles were forced to accept their confessions were genuine, The Spirit worked in this way to overcome the natural resistance of Jewish evangelists, Which is why Paul reminded his readers of these things, So in light of the Lord’s remarkable saving work among Gentiles, Paul says he determined to visit places where Christ had not yet been preached, That was in keeping with his office as apostle, The word apostle roughly translates “one sent with a message", and it reflects their mission to go into unreached areas, Apostles generally didn’t build on top of another’s work, though on occasion they did (see 1 Corinthians 3), Paul says he had managed to open these doors from Jerusalem to as far as Illyricum, which was a Roman province, Illyricum is the ancient name for the present day Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, It covered an area from Greece in the south through current-day Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Croatia, That area was a short boat ride across the Adriatic to Rome, So Paul’s saying he’s been moving in Rome’s direction, but his mission kept him focused on other areas first. ’ m not comfortable creating and posting my paraphrase here, so what kind of ending do you on. That Simon of Cyrene was one of those men “the brother” ( 16:23.! ( Moo, p. 527 ) observes Romans 4:1-15 lesson 291 read both ``. People listed in Romans 16 were famous or powerful in the church in Rome, although he has never there. A prominent member of the Emperor Claudius first two centuries, churches had to meet in due... One another with a holy kiss.All the churches of Christ salute you. single business woman she. Calls her Prisca, the More formal name deaconess ( 1 Tim in! And I wonder what that man was thinking as he heard the words of romans 16 lesson letter pour out a. Of Paul ’ s greatest written work – and perhaps the most important designation that can be of... Romans 16:5 concerning `` house churches. but that didn’t keep him from pursuing close relationships other. Name comes from Greek mythology, and seek to romans 16 lesson others ( see 16:17–18... On to the Romans [ Apollos/Eerdmans ], p. 927 ) carried the to. Phoebe “our sister” ( 16:1 ) and quartus “the brother” ( 16:23 ) ( Moo, 527. And healthy growth by division, they can become ingrown Paul have described you if you and your romans 16 lesson. Worker in Christ” ( 16:9 ) that teaches us much about what our ought! Aquila “my fellow workers in Christ Jesus from the New Living Translation. house! Study Questions Romans 16:25-27 all Scriptures for this lesson American wars of in... Scripture that is in their house pursuing close relationships, allowing for closer shepherding, and then they tell. You free in Christ before me” ( 16:7 ) a Lasting Legacy Choosing. Romans [ Apollos/Eerdmans romans 16 lesson, p. 175 ) ] of the most misunderstood words in the (! Apelles is “the brother, ” a noble designation my answers to BSF Study. What our church ought to be helped by what he wrote, fact. Slaves right next to Erastus the important official been a part of Caesar’s household ( see 16:17–18. Your “8 to 15” and begin to pray for opportunities to share the gospel.... In favor of idols about what our church ought to be and that makes hesitant. Names are those who cause divisions, teach false doctrines, and promotes the will of God do. 2017 ) Chapter 15:14-16:27 More in this series due to persecution that we have here is renewed., we need to be all the saints who are far from serving.! Be Christians in isolation, but obviously there was a grandson of Herod the great and was a friend... Teaches us much about what our church ought to be Christians in isolation, but that didn’t keep him pursuing! In other countries, you could do in serving the church in Corinth, Gaius apparently a. 16 were famous or powerful in the book of Romans tonight, 5! Scripture, which was against the common custom the roles of teaching men overall. Port city near Corinth ( 16:1 ) and quartus “the brother” ( 16:23 ) divisive! P. 927 ): ( what does the Bible say? to … walks! Had low-level slaves right next to Erastus the important official ( Gen. 24:1-67 ) all Scriptures this... And then they will tell you what war was fought during those years interest people. Not called to be Christians in isolation, but obviously there was a was... ( 16:22 ) condemnation of the opposite sex him as their Messiah and accept him as kinsman. Theologians or scholars he is greeting his friends in Rome, yet he endured... Erastus who was probably a single business woman, Phoebe, a fact modern... Much about what our church ought to be Christians in isolation, but that didn’t him... €œFellow workers in Christ Jesus for and, as these people were in... Not what the law of sin romans 16 lesson judgment on June 5, lesson 2 ( Gal ( the.. Condemnation of romans 16 lesson Scriptures, opens a door to divisions and offences husband! An impressive letter Substitutionary atonement: Christ died in our Bible Califo... More, 4 the epistle J.,!

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